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Barely 72 hours to go before the Mkaika by-election takes place, vice-President Guy Scott, has described the MMD as a ‘dead party’ whose performance in the poll is expected to be anything but dismal.
The vice-president also beseeched people of Mkaika to come to terms with the reality that former President Rupiah Banda is “history” and shall never return into office to help them so that they can start looking forward and back the ruling party under President Sata.
Dr. Scott further expressed confidence that the Patriotic Front (PF) candidate David Phiri will win Thursday’s poll with ease so that he can start contributing to the development of the constituency under the PF government.
He commended Mr Phiri, the PF candidate, as a courageous man who resigned from the MMD to join the ruling party so that his constituency can be developed based on the ruling party’s track record of delivery.
He said the track record includes road construction country-wide and other projects such as universities and 650 health posts country-wide being constructed at a cost of about US$48 million.
“Mr Phiri is a courageous man, loves the people in Mkaika and has joined a party committed to develop the nation. We have put up development projects that will be seen soon and our works will speak for us in the 2016 campaigns,” Dr Scott said.
He was speaking when he addressed a rally at Gaven Primary School in Mkaika Constituency to drum up support for Mr Phiri yesterday.
Dr Scott said Mr Phiri is hard working and that he has brought the social scheme fund for the people from 50 years of age and above in Katete.
He assured the people of Katete of more development if they vote for Mr Phiri.
Dr Scott said the road leading to Msoro village from Katete will be tarred soon and that a number of schools and health posts will be built.
And Dr Scott has described the MMD as a finished party which the people of Katete should forget about.
Dr Scott said the MMD is being led by failures, whose political fortunes have since dwindled and faded with time as people figure them out for what they are. Deputy Minister of Works and Supply Mwimba Malama appealed to the people of Mkaika to give the PF an MP it can work with to develop their area.
Mr Malama, who is Mfuwe MP said, “You have seen what we have started in less than two years we have been in power. So many projects are underway and the country will be linked soon for easy movement of people and transportation of goods.”
And Mr Phiri implored the voters in Mkaika to vote for him so that he can continue with his development agenda.
He said since the PF came into power it has been releasing money for many development projects such as roads and that many parts of Mkaika are now electrified.
Mr Phiri pledged to work tirelessly in developing Mkaika if he is re-elected.
The Mkaika seat felt vacant when Mr Phiri resigned to join the PF.
Other candidates standing in Mkaika are MMD’s Peter Phiri and Nigel Mpakhateni of NAREP.