President Sata refuses to commission Kasisi – Ngwerere Road Project

President Micheal Sata

Republican President, Michael Chilufya Sata, this morning refused to commission the sixty three Kilometers Kasisi/Ngwerere road after being disappointed with the nonexistent Ground Breaking facility on the multi million kwacha road project.

The Head of State who touched down in Kasisi at 10:30 aboard a presidential chopper, asked Transport and Communications Minister, Yamfwa Mukanga and Lusaka Province Minister, Phillip Kosamu to do a lot of work before asking him to commission it again.

Mr. Sata, who only spent about fifteen minutes at the ground breaking ceremony, says he can not commission the construction of the road when the works on the road he was commissioning have commenced.

He has told Mr. Mukanga to ensure that next time he calls the head of state to commission such road projects, all things should be in place.

Speaking shortly after the President’s departure, Transport Minister, Yamfwa Mukanga told Journalist that he will make sure that next time he will not overlook the Ground Breaking flair.

Mr. Mukanga says he understands the anger of the president and he will work closely with the Road Development Agency (RDA) and Lusaka Province Minister in ensuring that everything is put in place.

He has assured the people of Kasisi that government will make sure that the road will be commissioned soon.

Speaking in a different interview, Defense Minister, Geoffrey Mwamba also told journalist that the President refused to commission the multimillion road project because RDA did not provide the Ground breaking area.

Mr. Mwamba is hopeful that his transport minister counterpart will do all it takes to make the project a success.