We are creating jobs – Wynter


PATRIOTIC Front (PF) Secretary General Wynter Kabimba says the PF is living up to its promise of creating jobs.
Mr Kabimba said in line with the PF manifesto on job creation, the party established the National Project for Poverty Reduction (NPPR), a PF subsidiary organisation, which has trained 300 women in tailoring.
Mr Kabimba said Zambia has a great shortage of artisans and other professionals.
“Because of this shortage, people complain that there are too many Chinese doing the work Zambians are supposed to do and as a party, we established this organisation,” Mr Kabimba said.
Mr Kabimba was speaking yesterday when he inaugurated board members for the NPPR.
The NPPR board will be chaired by Justice Deputy Minister Ngosa Simbyakula. Board members include Alex Chama, Anthony Kasolo, Geoffrey Chuumbwe and John Chisanga.
Others are Rashford Mwale, Annie Kayula, Dorothy Kazonga and Susan Kawandami who are all members of the PF central committee.
The NPPR which is currently housed on Nangwena Road will soon move to offices behind Zesco headquarters in Lusaka.
The offices are under construction and will be complete by the end of the year.
Touring the classroom block yesterday, Mr Kabimba said K3 billion has been spent on the construction of the classrooms so far.
And Mr Kabimba said NPPR was established to provide vocational training to PF members free of charge.
The courses provided by the organisation include tailoring, computer studies, metal fabrication and power electrical.
Other courses include plumbing, engineering, English and mathematics.
Meanwhile, board chairperson Dr Simbyakula said the vision of the organisation is to see a society that will be empowered with skills and knowledge.
Dr Simbyakula said the organisation will spread to other provinces and districts countrywide.
“What we have in Lusaka is a pilot project… we will soon roll it out to all parts of the country,” Dr Simbyakula said.
Government recently said it had created up to 300,000 jobs in under two years with more jobs coming as projects such as the Link8000 and L400 peak.