Better things still to come from UNWTO

People celebrating in stlyle the hosting of UNWTO General Assembly through street carnival along Livingstone way in Victoria Falls

THE successful co-hosting of the United Nations World Trade Organisation (UNWTO) general assembly is very good and should go a long way in marketing Zambia as a tourist destination.
With over 4,000 delegates expected for the UNWTO general assembly this should enhance Zambia’s image as a tourist destination so that the country increases its foreign currency earnings from tourism.
By increasing foreign currency earnings from tourism, Zambia is making laudable efforts to diversify its economy and reduce dependence on copper.
Hosting the general assembly has been good not just for Zambia but for Livingstone residents who are benefitting from improved infrastructure such as roads.
We must commend government for jointly bidding to host the UNWTO general assembly which will enhance foreign currency earnings and help to market our tourism.
Livingstone residents must guard the new infrastructure jealously so that the developments are not just used during the UNWTO general assembly but long after the five-day event is over.
President Sata who graced the general assembly has noted the developmental projects that have been carried out successfully in Livingstone.
“This is just the beginning… there is a lot more better things to come, but it’s up to you the people of Livingstone to make things happen,” he said.
We concur with the President’s observation that better things are coming as he targets job creation and poverty reduction countrywide in line with the PF manifesto and promises of more money in people’s pockets.
Mr Sata has also commended the people of Livingstone and others who worked hard to ensure that hosting of the UNWTO is hugely successful.
Hosting this event will not just market Zambia but create business opportunities for Livingstone and other parts of Zambia since some tourists will certainly want to visit other parts of the country.
We want to hear what our opposition leaders are saying about the successful hosting of the UNWTO general assembly which has immense economic benefits as tourists spend their foreign currency in Zambia’s hotels and other businesses.
Former first lady Maureen Mwanawasa has advised opposition leaders in Zambia to be objective when criticising government and in this case expect them to commend government for doing a good job in hosting the general assembly.
For instance, Minister of Tourism and Arts Sylvia Masebo has commended President Sata for all the projects and developmental programmes that government implemented ahead of the UNWTO.
We expect the opposition to do the same instead of just attacking government.
Many people who have recently been to Livingstone will testify that the face of the tourist capital has been transformed and Livingstone is no longer the same.
The people of Livingstone must appreciate what President Sata and his administration have done and even expect better things to come as long as they also play their part by being good hosts and safeguarding infrastructure.
Like the President has said, the growth of Livingstone, which was once economically depressed, is just the begining of better things to come as more infrastructure works will be implemented creating job and business opportunities.
We should look forward to a better Livingstone and Zambia as these infrastructure projects are being implemented across Zambia thus creating jobs and making the cost of doing business lower.