I ’ll expose PF traitors – GBM

Geofrey Mwamba

DEFENCE Minister Geoffrey Mwamba says there is a clique of senior Patriotic Front (PF) members that is against President Michael Sata standing for the Republican Presidency in 2016.
Mr Mwamba said the clique wanted to derail Mr Sata’s plans to continue ruling and developing the nation.
The minister has since threatened to expose those in the clique, saying if left unchecked, they could cause unnecessary divisions in the PF.
He said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that it was an ‘open secret’ that some senior party officials were positioning themselves for the 2016 presidency.
“It is true that there are some senior people in the PF that are positioning themselves for the 2016 elections. This is not healthy because one wonders why they are doing that to President Sata who founded the PF alone. All of us just joined him from other political parties. What is happening is shocking,” he said.
Mr Mwamba maintained that his agenda of endorsing Mr Sata as the 2016 presidential candidate was in good faith and not calculated at causing any confusion.
He said he had decided to openly start the endorsements of Mr Sata for the 2016 presidential elections countrywide because of what was currently happening among some senior party officials.
He said Mr Sata should be left to concentrate on completing national programmes instead of derailing him.
“It is sad that we are just two years in power and some senior party officials have already started fighting over who should take over from Mr Sata. He has not said anything but others are busy positioning themselves, this is not healthy.
“I don’t care about what others are saying for the stance that I have taken but I shall remain loyal to Mr Sata because he is my mentor and this is what I have been saying all the time. For now let’s all help him to deliver his promises,” Mr Mwamba said.
On those challenging him to name the ‘riffraff,’ he said he would not mention any one of them because doing so would cause divisions in the party.
He said he would not want to champion hatred and confusion in the nation.
He said it was not difficult to identify or tell those he called ‘riffraff’ saying they were known by their deeds.
“I do not want to bring divisions in the party, but they know themselves because they are frustrated. The best they can do is to avoid going to the media to make wrong statements,” he said.