Promote job creation – Miles

Miles Sampa
Miles Sampa

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) member of the Central Committee for Commerce Miles Sampa says what the top Patriotic Front leadership should encourage or ‘sing’ about right now is job creation.
He advises that job creation will lead to poverty reduction and not endorsing of President Sata.
Lately, some senior party officials and members around the country have been endorsing President Sata as the ruling party’s presidential candidate for 2016.
Mr Sampa, who is also deputy minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry, said the “on-going endorsements” for President Sata as the sole candidate for 2016 are “misplaced” and “premature” and must be approached with caution.
Mr Sampa said there is need to focus on developmental projects like Link-Zambia 8,000, L400 for the good progress on job creation and other community based poverty reduction projects.
“Even a small baby can predict as to who should be the PF presidential candidate for 2016 and there is no need to keep saying the obvious at the expense of delivering our goals and objectives,”
Mr Sampa, however, said  “ultimately the incumbent will have the first right of refusal in 2016 despite what anyone says now or then.”
Mr Sampa appealed to all his colleagues in the formal structures of the party to exercise maximum restraint and focus on building the party and the nation.
“Anyone aggrieved internally by an individual or group of individuals,” said Mr Sampa, “should seek redress internally through established channels of the PF Central Committee.”
He, however, noted that if anyone felt so strongly about their popularity within the party, they are free to exercise their rights to contest, but more so at an opportune time in 2016.
Mr Sampa said for now, members of the party need to keep their eyes on poverty reduction, adding that this is what voters want to hear and this is what will give the PF overwhelming votes in 2016.