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PF Cadres in PicturesIMG_5759_Lusakavoice.com

PETAUKE businessman Elias Daka has rescinded his earlier decision to contest the Petauke Central parliamentary by-election as an independent candidate and has pledged to support Patriotic Front (PF) nominee Leonard Banda.
Mr Daka said he has decided to support Mr Banda to help promote unity in the ruling party.
In his letter to President Sata dated August 16, 2013, Mr Daka said he has withdrawn from the race so that he can support the candidature of Mr Banda.
“Since my decision to withdraw from the race for the sake of our party, I wish to re-state that your Excellency [Mr Sata], I’m your son who is asking for forgiveness for having been misled in the first place.
“I pledge total loyalty to you and the party and I will support the candidature of my brother Leonard Banda in any way possible to ensure that at the end of the day, our party wins the seat,” Mr Daka said.
He said he had earlier decided to contest the seat as an independent but that after consulting his family and because of his love for the PF, he has decided to support Mr Banda’s candidature.
“I would not like a situation where we end up splitting the votes and hence my decision to join my brother in his campaigns so that PF wins the seat,” Mr Daka said.
And in an interview, Mr Daka said he is happy to be associated with the PF, which has demonstrated commitment to developing all parts of the country.
“I have withdrawn my candidature as an independent for Petauke Central because I want to work with this beloved party.
“I also want to thank President Sata for the good works he has been doing for this nation,” Mr Daka said.
He said he is happy that the ruling party is on course with achieving its development agenda and employment creation.
Mr Daka said the construction of roads under the Link-Zambia 8,000, Pave Zambia and the Lusaka 400 road projects as well as construction of more health centres and schools are testimony of the PF’s steadfast commitment to developing the country.
He said the PF’s development agenda is in line with its manifesto, which seeks to improve living standards in the country.
Mr Daka has since called on the people of Petauke and Zambians as a whole to continue supporting President Sata as he continues to initiate and implement development projects across the country.