Kalomo man divorced over charms

Zambian witch doctor

A WOMAN in Kalomo District has divorced her husband for allegedly soliciting for her pubic hair so that he could use it as a charm to record a bumper harvest.
Instead, Irene Zyangale sought the intervention of the local court in Chief Siachitema’s area to divorce her husband Doyson Njebe claiming their marriage had suffered continuous matrimonial disputes after she refused to give him part of her pubic hair to use as charms to boost their harvest.
Ms Zyangale asked Chiyobola local court Magistrate Kennedy Namatika to grant her divorce on grounds that the marriage had been rocked with matrimonial disputes since 2000.
She told the court that she and Njebe got married in 1989 after her husband paid for elopement and dowry.
The couple has nine children.
Ms Zyangale said that sometime in 2000, her husband demanded that she gives him part of her pubic hair so that they could be recording bumper harvests.
She said when she refused to honour Njebe’s demand, he abandoned the matrimonial home and started sleeping in a maize barn.
Ms Zyangale said her husband later forced her with the rest of the children to be tattooed but she started feeling continually sick after the said ritual.
But Njebe in his defence told the court that he got charms to protect the family.
He said when he consulted a witchdoctor, he was informed that the person who was behind his wife’s sickness was after their land and that their home was a place where ghosts in the area met for meetings.
Magistrate Namatika divorced the couple on grounds that there was no love between the two as they had lost trust in each other.