Zesco sets aside two standby generators at Kariba North Bank for UNWTO


ZESCO Limited has put in measures to ensure operations during the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) general assembly are not interrupted due to maintenance works at the Kariba North Bank power station.
Company principal public relations officer Yammie Zimba said Zesco has set aside two standby generators at the power station to cushion unforeseen interruption of power in Livingstone.
In response to a press query, Ms Zimba said the Victoria Falls Power station will continue providing power to Livingstone.
“Zesco Limited attaches great importance to the general assembly and as such, we have dedicated electricity especially for Livingstone, during the UNWTO.
We, therefore, confirm that with regards to power supply, we are ready for the general assembly.We do not anticipate maintenance works on generator number three to interrupt power supply in Livingstone,” she said.
The company will be carrying out maintenance works on generator number three at Kariba North Bank power station from August 13 to September 3, 2013 which will deprive Zambia of 180 megawatts generation capacity and increase load shedding.
Meanwhile, Ms Zimba said Zesco is still in the process of securing importsing electricity from South Africa to cushion the 180 megawatts shortfall.
She said plans are underway to import electricity from other countries in the Southern region which may have excess power to export.
Ms Zimba said there is need for the public to exercises energy efficiency measures to avoid increased load management.
“Most importantly, we implore the public to respond to power alert prompts on radio and the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation television so that together can successfully curb power outages,” she said.