Chawama cops assault suspect for failing to appear before court.


POLICE officers from Lusaka’s Chawama Police Station broke into a house in Chawama Township and brutally beat up a 19-year-old boy leaving him with severe wounds for allegedly failing to appear before court.
Regan Musonda was savagely beaten and left with visible wounds and was currently receiving treatment at Chawama Health Clinic, while his mother, Marvellous Musonda, sustained bruises on her back.
Ms Musonda was temporarily forced into police cells at the station before being released after being coerced into paying K22.50 as admission of guilt when she tried to secure the release of her injured son.
Narrating the ordeal to the Times in Lusaka yesterday, Regan said the officers broke into their home and started beating him up and roughed up his mother as she tried to save her him from the beating.
He identified two of the four officers as, Mr Litungi and Mr Samala.
He said the officers allegedly beat him up for failing to appear in court for hearing of an offence he committed.
Musonda said he was only unchained early on Tuesday after some inmates called the officers on duty that his condition had worsened in the cells.
His mother said she tried to plead with the officers to spare her son but received insults and in the process, she was whipped.