Short and long terms Infrastructure development Projects


THE decision by the Patriotic Front to prioritise infrastructure development will certainly spur economic growth both in the short and long terms.
Since assuming office in 2011, the PF government has embarked on massive infrastructure development in the education, health and road sectors.
In the road sector, Government intends to link all parts of the country through the ambitious Link Zambia 8,000 project, which President Sata commissioned last year.
This project will link some of the remotest areas in the country with more developed parts, and that is likely to even up development. Some areas have not seen development for a long time but the road project will open them up.
That will make life easier for farmers as farm inputs will be delivered in good time and farmers will easily take their produce to selling points without any difficulty.
While Zambia’s main export earner is copper, it has generally been agreed that the best way to go is agriculture, which, unlike minerals, is not a diminishing asset.
Agriculture can be the main export earner if Government places emphasis on it. Gladly, that is what the PF government is doing. Shangombo, Luano Valley, Nabwalya and many such remote areas that have never had tarred roads will be linked to the rest of the country.
Pupils will be able to walk to school on safe roads, patients will easily access healthcare services and other social amenities will be accessible without any problems. That is the vision of President Sata and his government on road infrastructure.
Further, the railway system will be improved to ensure easy delivery of goods and services, especially to industrial areas across the country. Currently, some commodities, especially from the mines, are sometimes delivered by road, which means the quantities are smaller. It also burdens our roads, whose lifespan is shortened. That will be a thing of the past following the programme of development on the transport infrastructure.
Apart from the roads, Government has also earmarked the development of health facilities across the country to ensure that everyone accesses healthcare services.
People have died on the way to hospitals owing to long distances. Expecting mothers have delivered on their way to the clinic and others have even died in the process. This is what Government is trying to address.
Over 650 health posts, clinics and hospitals will be built to address this challenge. In fact, the building of these facilities has already started and is gathering pace. Everyone knows that a ‘healthy nation is a wealthy nation’ and that is precisely the reason Government is going down this route. We are past the age when people used to die because of lack of healthcare!
Another that has seen substantial infrastructure development is education. Primary and secondary schools are being built in all the provinces and the project is on-going.
It is an undeniable fact that education plays a key rolein the economic development of any country. That is why we must all commend the PF government for building schools – even universities – across the country.


Zambia Daily Mail