Government committed to removing ‘bad eggs’ from the police service – Lungu


HOME Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu has said the Government is committed to removing ‘bad eggs’ from the police service.
Mr Lungu said it was unfortunate that some police officers were involved in a number of criminal activities.
He was speaking in Katete District on Saturday in reaction to the recent aggravated robbery which took place in Chipata District by a named police officer who is currently on the run.
The minister said the Police service had no room for ‘bad eggs’ adding that the Government would act to remove all police officers found wanting.
“Every community has bad eggs and police is not left out as we have bad eggs in the Police service,” Mr Lungu said. “Let me warn police officers committing various crimes in order to enrich themselves that the police have no room for such people.”
Mr Lungu said no one was above the law and any police officer found committing a crime should be dealt with severely.
“No one is above the law of the land and any person (police officer) found breaking the law shall face the wrath of the law,” he said.
Mr Lungu was saddened with the recent report that a police officer in the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) committed a broad daylight robbery, snatching K195,000 from a cashier of Zambian Breweries Plc.
The minister prodded the police command in Eastern Province to bring the named officer to book so that justice could prevail.