PF does not take pleasure in the prosecution of Rupiah Banda – Shamenda

Fackson Shamenda

Acting Chief Government Spokesperson Fackson Shamenda says the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) does not take pleasure in the prosecution of former president Rupiah Banda who is facing charges of corruption in court.

This follows accusations by some opposition political parties that the PF government is trying to diminish any chance of the former president making a political comeback by slapping him with more charges of corruption.

Mr. Shamenda has maintained that the PF government has nothing to do with the charges facing Mr Banda and does not consider him a political threat if he ever decided to make a political comeback.

Mr. Shamenda has disclosed to Qfm in an interview that the PF government still has the respect due to Mr. Banda as former head of state the reason why it has continued to provide him with all entitlements befitting his status as former president.

He has however stated that the PF wants to set a standard in the country where all laws of the land are applied equitably regardless of one’s status in society.