Subsidies removal haunting PF – Chipenzi

PF Cadres in
PF Cadres in

The Consortium of Civil Society organizations championing the Black Friday campaign has charged the removal of subsidies on fuel and maize is haunting the PF government, as the effects of that decision begin to manifest.

Consortium Spokesperson, Macdonald Chipenzi has observed that the escalating prices in food products and non food products such as cement are as a result of the removal of the fuel subsidy.

Mr Chipenzi says as CSO’s they feel vindicated by the negative effects of the removal of subsidies.

Speaking to QFM News, Mr. Chipenzi says as the negative effects of the decision to scrap subsidies take their toll, so will the government be haunted.

And Mr Chipezi says as much as the PF government feels antagonized by the Black Friday campaign, they should also realize that the consortium is the true friend to the government because it acts an eye opener to the some matters that government may overlook.

And Mr. Chipenzi has dismissed assertions suggesting that the Black Friday campaign has been suspended.

He says the Consortium has been working underground while awaiting a letter written to President Michael Sata as an initial move to engage into dialogue over the issue of subsidies.