TB Joshua denies predicting Ghana-Zambia game

TB Joshua

Nigerian pastor TB Joshua says he has stopped releasing prophecies related to the outcome of football matches insisting he did not predict that Zambia would defeat Ghana 2-1 in the final 2014 World Cup Group D match in Kumasi.

The preacher-man fired a warning at the Ghanaian media claiming they falsely report new on football predictions he had not made.

The revelation has come as a massive confidence boost for some Ghanaian fans who believe in the predictions of the Nigerian pastor as they now sense victory over Chipolopolo in Kumasi to reach the final phase of the qualifiers.

In an angry riposte directed at the Ghanaian media, the preacher-man lashed out at claims in Ghanaian media circles that he has predicted a Chipolopolo win over the Black Stars in the final Group D match in September.

Some Ghanaian media outlets reported that TB Joshua has predicted a Zambian victory over Ghana in Kumasi which has forced the ‘man of God’ to come out with s denial.

The reports that Joshua had predicted a Zambian win over Ghana drew wild condemnation from Black Stars fans with many describing him as ‘a fake man of God’ while angrily rejecting his prediction.

The preacher-man, who draws praise and condemnation in similar measure, says the false reports about his prediction have forced him to stop predicting the outcome of matches.

“Prophet TB Joshua has publicly stated that he has stopped releasing prophecies related to the outcome of football matches,” a statement on the official Facebook page of the popular Nigerian pastor read. “The worst thing that you can do to a man of God is to lie but there are many lies on Ghanaian websites. “This is another lie going around Ghana websites that I prophesied that the Black Stars would lose 2-1 against Zambia in 2014 world Cup Group decider in September.

The Nigerian preacher-man was clearly unhappy about several rumours of the results of matches he was said to have predicted. Most of the results of the matches did not come true which resulted in some accusing TB Joshua of making false predictions.

But the Nigerian preacher-man wondered why the Ghanaian media would continue to spread false rumours of his supposed predictions. “Why do you enjoy promoting lies and rumours?,” TB Joshua asked the Ghanaian media.

“Well, as truth was older than terror, truth shall survive it. It got the start and it will get the race. I drop my pen here,” he said.




  1. The Ghanaian s what is going through their minds, are they afraid they are day dreaming, just wait, do not touch the anointed.

  2. In court, they only ask the truth, only but the truth and the bible clearly stated that the truth shall set you free same in our daily lives if say truth definitely you will be free.
    Am basically, referring to the allegation to the Nigerian Prophet TB Joshua from the Ghanaian media. it is indeed unethical reporting something which is not true. was it a balancing story? where are evidence? Did they found out from him (TB Joshua)? anywhere let then, chipolopolo win with same predication 2-1 reason being of accusing the man of God. it is not Good.
    thank you
    walusungu silweya
    student journalist