Veep assures Kafulafuta of development

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Veep assures Kafulafuta of development
Masaiti, July 20, 2013, ZANIS……….Political campaigns in the Kafulafuta
parliamentary by – elections have intensified with Vice President Guy
Scott assuring the electorates that the ruling Patriotic Front
wants to take a fair share of development to the area once its candidate James Chishiba
wins the polls.

Dr. Scott who is in Kafulafuta in Masaiti district o drum up support
for the PF candidate said his party wants the people of
Kafulafuta to join the rest of the country in fostering development.

Speaking during a public rally at Myengwe basic school in Masaiti
today, the Vice President noted that the both the opposition Movement
for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) and the United Party for National
Development (UPND) have no capacity to develop the area.


Dr Scott said it was for this reason that the people of Kafulafuta should vote for

the PF candidate next week on July 25.

He said the MMD was in power for 20 years but failed to develop
Kafulafuta which up to now has no secondary schools, health centres
and proper roads.


The vice president added that the UPND was not an option as it was a
regional party which only has its presence in three out of ten

He said people should forget about the opposition MMD as it was
already dying and has no capacity to assume power just like the
UPND which he said would only win an election maybe after 20 years.

Dr. Scott said he will deliver to the President and his cabinet the
people’s request that they want Kafulafuta to be declared a district.

He said the government wants an MP from the area who can facilitate
development to the people and not an opposition member who he said
could not deliver.

And the Vice Presdent’s wife Charlotte said the PF was not only about more money in
the pockets of the people but to also ensuring that the country’s economic
development reached people in rural areas such as Kafulafuta.


Mr Scott said the PF government is serious about developing
the country unlike the former government which only ensured that more money was
put in the pockets of a few rich people.

Meanwhile, PF candidate for the Kafulafuta seat James Chishiba said he
ditched the former ruling party so that he could work for the people
under the ruling party which he said has a good vision for the area.


He assured the electorates that he will ensure that Kafulafuta gets good roads,
clinics and other infrastructure once voted into office.

Earlier, the Vice President paid a courtesy call on Chief Nkambo of
the Lamba speaking people shortly after his arrival from Lusaka.

And Chief Nkambo of the Lamba people commended government for
taking care of the affairs of the chiefs countrywide by increasing
their salaries and giving them a stand-alone Ministry.

The traditional leader however called on government to develop his
area which he said has no health centres, secondary schools and good

He said people walk long distances to fetch water as the chiefdom has
no boreholes where villagers can get clean water for drinking.

He further requested government to consider giving his chiefdom a
deep-tank so that animal diseases could be prevented and treated.

Veteran politician Jazzman Chikwakwa, northern province minister Obby
Chisala, deputy Minister in the office of the Vice President Harry
Kalaba, Mfuwe MP Mwimba Malama and Shiwang’andu MP Stephen Kampyongo
were among the hundreds of people who attended the public rally at
Myengwe Basic attended.

The MPs who also took turns to address the rally asked the people of Kafulafuta to vote

for the PF candidate in the forthcoming by election so that the area which has
remained under developed for a long time could receive development
just like others in the country.

Both the Home Affairs deputy minister Stephen Kampyongo and his counterpart
 in the office of the Vice President Harry Kalaba noted that
Kafulafula can easily be developed if a PF candidate is elected as it
would be easy for him to lobby from goverment.

The Kafulafuta parliamentary by election is also being contested by
United Party for National Development (UPND) candidate Brian Chitafu,
National Restoration Party (NAREP) and the Movement for Multiparty
Democracy (MMD) candidate Evelyn Mwanawasa.

The seat fell vacant when James Chishiba of the MMD dumped his party
to join the ruling PF on whose ticket he is re-contesting the seat.