Katete residents want ZAMBEEF punished

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Katete residents want ZAMBEEF punished

Katete, July 19, 2013,ZANIS…Some residents of Katete districts in
the eastern province have appealed to government to close all Zambeef
outlets country wide as a measure to safe guard consumers health.

The residents who have shunned the purchase of Zambeef meat products
in the district said that there was need to close all outlets as the
company has abrogated the public health act Cap 295 of the laws of

Neliyah Phiri of river side compound told ZANIS in an interview in
Katete that Zambeef which has been on the market for a long time has
disappointed the people of Zambia.


Government yesterday released the test results on samples of meat products take from

ZAMBEEF outlets confirming that the company used a cancer causing chemical,

aromatic aldehyde as a preservative.

And the Katete residents have hailed the Ministry of Health for exposing ZAMBEEF adding

that the company should face appropriate action as prescribed by the law.

Another resident Joyce Mumba who owns a restaurant at the town centre said the
situation has affected her business as customers no longer buy beef.

“The demand for beef in my restaurant has reduced as consumers no longer
ask for it because it is difficult to prove that the beef prepared is
not from ZAMBEEF so the only way is to close it,’’ she said.

Mrs Mumba who wondered how long the scum has been going on said it was
an eye opener for government to scrutinise all imported food stuffs.

In a ministerial statement to parliament yesterday, Health Minister Joseph Kasongo told

parliament that tests conducted on ZAMBEEF meat product confirmed the presence of the

harmful substance aromatic aldehyde chemical used for embalming dead bodies and industrial purposes.