Serenje Farmers bemoan lack of Banking services

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Serenje Farmers bemoan lack of Banking services

Serenje/July17, 2013, ZANIS —– Small Scale farmers in Serenje have bemoaned lack of banks in the district to help farmers boost agriculture in the area.


Serenje farmers Association Chairperson Ernest Daka says  small scale farmers in the district have not made a positive impact because they are not economically viable.


Mr Daka has called on Commercial banks in the country to open branches in Serenje which will help Small Scale farmers borrow and bank their money.


He  said the only bank in the district, Finance bank is not enough cope with the banking demands of the farmers.


ZANIS reports that  the Serenje farmers Association Chairperson said this in an interview in Serenje District, today.


He said Serenje Farmers need banks that  have  their interest at heart  not  those  that  only  come to set up Automatic Vending Machines (ATM).


“There can be no development without banks. Farmers cannot be financially sound if there are not banks to borrow from.” He said.


The chairperson who urged Finance bank to offer facilities which can enable farmers access loans with minimum delays said Serenje is a predominantly agricultural and the farmers have potential to attract vegetable canning factories.


He further called on chiefs in the area to recommend Small scale farmers for land title so that they can qualify to be emergent farmers.


An emergent farmers is a farmer who can grow five hectors and above. This farmer qualifies to be linked to a loan through Zambia national farmers Union.