Poor representation has cost Mkushi-Sata

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Poor representation has cost Mkushi-Sata

Kabwe, July 18, 2013, ZANIS…………..President Michael Sata says the under-development in some parts of the country including Mkushi district is due to lack of proper representation in parliament.

President Sata noted that Mkushi district has continued to lag behind in terms
of development because the previous members of parliament were more concerned about self-enrichment than improving the district.

President Sata said this today when he addressed a rally at Nkumbi primary
school grounds in Mkushi to drum up support for PF candidate in the July 25 by-election
Ingrid Mphande.

He said poverty eradication will be difficult to attain if people
elected to represent the masses continue to enrich themselves at the
expense of national development.

‘’I don’t see us achieving development if my colleagues in parliament,
especially those from the opposition, continue to divert resources
meant for national development to personal achievement,” said President Sata.

President Sata said he will not tolerate corrupt members of parliament
in his government because he is more interested in safeguarding
development in the country and ensuring that every Zambian benefits
from the national cake.

He urged the people of Nkumbi ward to vote for the ruling PF in the July 25
parliamentary by-election so that they can have adequate representation that will
enhance development in the area.

‘’The intention of my government is to ensure that you, in rural areas
have the same share of development as those in the city because you
are also electorates, just like those in urban areas.’’

‘’I am also aware that you want access to good health facilities,
proper education, clean water and good infrastructure, and I can
guarantee you that I will waste no time to work with people who do not
have your aspirations at heart,’’ President Sata said.

And President Sata has reminded people vying to be parliamentarians to
bear in mind that being a parliamentarian is not about self-gain, or
title but service to the people.

He said a good MP looks out for the people and lives among them in
order to have a wide perspective of their needs and concerns because
leadership becomes questionable when the electorates cannot identify
their leader.

The President questioned central province minister, Philip Kosamu, why the people of  Nkumbi  do not know him when he is the provincial minister and claims to have been in the area campaigning
for Mrs MPhande since last week.

‘’How come the people in the province do not know you? How long have
you been in Nkumbi? , the President asked .

Meanwhile, PF candidate in the July 25  Mkushi North Parliamentary
by-election Ingrid Mphande has assured the people of Nkumbi ward
that she will deliver development to the district once elected as MP.

Mrs Mphande, a popular Tomato grower who has employed over 300 people
around Mkushi farming block, said she will do everything possible to
uphold the living standards of the people in Mkushi North.

She disqualified assertions that she may not foster development in the
area because she lives far away from Mkushi, saying she is a local
person and will always work with the local people in reviving the dead
economy of the district.

‘’I do not know why people are lying to you that I am a foreigner in
this land because you all know me and you sure know my works and
commitments in this area, even just as a resident. I will not let you
down when I am elected because I have lived with you and I know your
challenges. Apart from that, most of you work at my farm and are
well-remunerated, so kindly vote for me for continued development.’’
she appealed.

Aspiring candidates in the July 25 Mkushi North parliamentary by-election
include  Wynter Libohole for the UPND, MMD’s Jonathan Kapungwe and
Bernard Nshimbi for UNIP and an independent Felix Chisanga.