PF govt has a social contract with the people

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PF govt has a social contract with the people

Siavonga, July18, ZANIS —— Siavonga District Commissioner Brave Mweetwa says the PF government has a social contract with the people of Zambia of improving their livelihood.

He said that’s the reason why President Michael Sata and his government is persuing all possible means to ensure that there is a descent and dignified life for all citizens.

Mr Mweetwa added that the government is committed to create security and livelihood to all the people in the country.

The District Commissioner said this at the official opening of a District Development Coordinating Committee (DDCC) meeting which was held at Manchinchi Bay lodge in Siavonga today.

Mr Mweetwa however reminded the government heads of departments that attended the meeting that they were implementers and drivers of government programs.

He also urged the civil servants to put their political jackets and tribes aside when it comes to development.

“Yes let us put all these aside and get right to the heart of the matter which is development,” he said.

And Mr Mweetwa said he was very happy that there were a lot of progresses in the civil service in the district.

He said the work culture has tremendously improved like late coming has reduced and was seeing well coordinated and motivated civil servants in the district.

Mr Mweetwa however expressed sadness over the local authority as it seemed to be working in isolation.

He said the local authority was supposed to work together hand in hand with his office to improve and foster development in the area of which it has failed.

“It just calls for concerted efforts, we need to remain united no matter what problems or differences we may have because working in isolation wont’  help us achieve our objectives,” he said.

Meanwhile Mr Mweetwa observed that Siavonga district has great potential to develop and what was needed was unity and heart of working together among the people in the area.

Among the invited District Commissioners present at the meeting were Eugene Munyama for Mazabuka, Sylvester Simuyaba for Chikanta and a traditional Chief Simamba of the Tonga speaking people.