President Sata advises electorates to vote wisely

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President Sata advises electorates to vote wisely


Solwezi, July 17, (ZANIS —– President Michael Sata has said the ruling party will respect the decision by the people of Solwezi East constituency to elect a parliamentary candidate of their choice.


 “It is your vote, do what you like with it on 25th July, we shall respect your vote,” he said.


However, the President has cautioned the electorates in Solwezi East against making a mistake of voting for an opposition MP because none of them can adequately represent them.


He said since the PF formed government he has never heard any of the 11 opposition MPs in North Western province complain about the lack of development in the area on behalf of their electorates.


He said for 50 years the people of Mapunga have been voting for leaders who when they go to Lusaka they forget about them which has made the area to lag behind in development.


“North Western province has 12 MPs, 11 are opposition while PF has only Stephen Masumba  as MP. I live in Lusaka and from the time I became President I have never heard a single day the opposition MPs complain for you about development here,” President Sata said.


The Solwezi parliamentary seat fell vacant after Richard Taima resigned from MMD to join the ruling PF.


Three political parties PF, UPND and UNIP are contesting the election.


The PF candidate in the by-election is Peter Ilunga, UPND has Villie Lombanya while UNIP is fielding Caphas Luaile.


Speaking at the same occasion Home Affairs Deputy Minister Gabriel Namulambe who is also Campaign Manager for the PF candidate, said PF is a party that embraces all tribes and has an agenda to take development to all parts of the country.


Mr Namulambe asked the people of Mapunga to vote for PF candidate Peter Ilunga.


He informed President Sata that Mapunga area has no mobile phone service network, it is not connected to electricity and has a problem of the roads.


“Your excellence this area in Chief Mujimanzovu has no mobile service network, no electricity and it has a bad road network,” he said.


However, he told the residents of Mapunga, who turned up in numbers for the public meeting, to count themselves lucky to have President Sata visit their area.


Mr Namulambe said this is because the visit by the head of state provided an opportunity for him to appreciate the developmental needs that Mapunga residents have been longing to be addressed in long time.


He said President Sata was going to assist Mapunga resolve most of its developmental needs because as minister in the previous governments Mr Sata succeeded tremendously.


Mr Namulambe informed the people that government will soon start working on the 350 Km Solwezi-Mapunga-Kalulushi road under the Link-Zambia 8,000 project.  


Lusaka province PF Chairman Geoffrey Chumbwe told the people of Mapunga that voting for the opposition Member of Parliament in Solwezi East in the July 25 by-election will be like throwing their voter cards into water.


“You will make your voter cards useless just like throwing them in water when you vote for the opposition candidate in this by-election,” Chumbwe said.