Chief Mburuma salutes PF government

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-A traditional leader in Luangwa district has saluted government for engaging a Chinese firm to work on the D145 trunk road.

Chief Mburuma told ZANIS in an exclusive that the tarrying of the D145 road, which connects the district from Luangwa Bridge on the Great East Road, will help attract  investors to the district.

He disclosed that the poor state of the road hindered numerous investors to invest in the district.

Chief Mburuma observed that for a long time Luangwa district lagged behind in investment, noting that the completion of the D145 will open up the district to various investment opportunities.

The traditional leader said the people of Luangwa have been crying for a long-lasting solution to the D145 road by tarrying it but previous governments ignored the cries of the local people.

He explained that barely less than two years the PF government has been in power it has heard to the cries of the people.

He noted the project has created employment for the many youths in the district who were jobless prior to the start of the project.

The traditional leader said his chiefdom stands ready to work with the government in bettering the plight of the local people.

He implored the PF government not to relent in its effort of taking development to rural districts.

Meanwhile, chief Mburuma has praised the workmanship of the contractor engaged by the government to work on the D145 road.

He told ZANIS that China Geo Company is working according to the PF manifesto of constructing good standard roads.