SAFADA targets rural farmers

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SAFADA targets rural farmers

Lusaka, July 16, 2013, ZANIS…Small Scale Farmers Development Agency SAFADA) Director Boyd Moobwe says his organization has embarked on a programme of addressing social and economic challenges facing the rural communities in Zambia.


Mr. Moobwe said despite Zambia’s abundant natural resources and the potential for small scale farmers to become self reliant and make Zambia a food basket for the region, the farmers have continued to face critical challenges .


He said farmers in the country have continued to wallow in perpetual poverty and hunger especially in remote areas.


He said SAFADA hence have resorted to complement Government efforts in assisting the small scale farmers  especially in fertilizer supplements.


Mr. Moobwe hinted that SAFADA has entered into business contract agreement with Pro-Trade , a global trading company based in South Africa to supply agriculture fertilizers to small scale farmers in Zambia.


He disclosed that the move is in line with government plans to involve the private sector in the importation and distribution of farm inputs to small scale farmers and contribute towards improving the agriculture sector in the country.


He said the agency will further provide farm inputs such as irrigation equipment and other products to support crop diversification and organic farming in Zambia.


SAFADA will this year import 12000 by 50 kilogram bags of urea and d-compound fertilizer for the 2013- 2014 farming season.


Mr. Moobwe explained that the fertilizer will be distributed through primary cooperatives, clubs and other farmer associations.


He further appealed to Government to support the efforts  by SAFADA in order to improve the agriculture industry in the country.