Kapiri DC warns public service workers

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Kapiri DC warns public service workers


Kapiri Mposhi, July16, ZANIS —— Kapiri Mposhi District Commissioner Beatrice Sikazwe has cautioned civil servants working in the district against reporting late for work and knocking off earlier than the government stipulated time.


Ms Sikazwe urged the workers to ensure punctuality and avoid spending government time on personal errands and idling.


The District Commissioner said this today when she paid a surprise visit at some government offices where she discovered that some workers had not reported for work after 08:00 hours which is official reporting time for civil servants.


Ms Sikazwe also noted that some civil servants in the district were staying away from their offices during working hours without getting permission from her office. 

She said her office has received numerous reports of civil servants’ bad attitude towards work which includes late reporting for work and unauthorized staying away from their offices, a situation she said was negatively affecting government’s service delivery and performance in the district.


Ms Sikazwe has since directed all government departments in the area to introduce log books for signing in their reporting and knocking off time for work on a daily basis.

She has also threatened to charge civil servants in the district that were intentionally abrogating the government’s terms and conditions on the time for reporting and knocking off from work.


“Despite several reminders to observe time some government employees have taken these conditions for granted they have continuously chosen to abrogate government terms and conditions… I’m going to be tough on them and start charging them accordingly because they are making government inefficient,” Ms Sikazwe said.


She noted that government was accountable to numerous problems from the public and that its workers should remain committed to serving the people.


The District Commissioner has also threatened to discipline civil servants who would be found wanting.


And Ms Sikazwe has directed all civil servants working in the district to conform to the aspirations of the government of the day.


She said all civil servants working in the district should perform in accordance with the demands of the government of the day and not to the contrary in order to push the development agenda of the district forward.


She also urged civil servants to accustom themselves with the ruling Patriotic Front’s Manifesto in their daily operations.


“In your operations follow the demands of the party in power and buy into its manifesto because if you do not work in line with the demands of the government of the day you will be a great hindrance to its ultimate and effective performance in the district,” Ms Sikazwe said.