LCC to embark on massive beautifying of the City

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LCC to embark on  massive beautifying of the City


Lusaka, July 13, 2013,  ZANIS—The Lusaka City Council (LCC)  says it will soon embark on a programme to divert water from streams around the city for the irrigation of plants on islands in the Central Business District ( CBD ).



Lusaka Mayor Daniel Chisenga says this is because most plants in many islands  in CBDs were drying up.



Mr. Chisenga explained that the drying up of the plants is due to lack of water for irrigation, saying the situation has impacted negatively on the concept of Lusaka being a garden city.



ZANIS reports that the Mayor said this in an interview in Lusaka today.



The Islands in question are those that separate high ways  and main roads such as Cairo and Great East roads.



He said the Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) currently has challenges with supplying enough clean safe  drinking water to  most residents in the city.



Mr. Chisenga added that it would be unfair to expect them to divert some of that water to the irrigation of plants in the CBD.



The Mayor explained that it is for this reason that the LCC came up with the initiative to use water in streams such as Ngwelele in garden compound for irrigation.



He stated that despite the water in these streams not being safe for human consumption, it is still safe for the irrigation of plants.



Mr. Chisenga noted that the city has enough streams to provide enough water for irrigation, saying there is no reason why the plants should be left to dry.



He noted that once the irrigation programme is in place, it will go a long way in improving the face of the city, and help in retaining the garden city concept on which Lusaka was built.