Govt. reiterates commitment to empower women

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Govt. reiterates commitment to empower women


Choma, July 13, 2013, ZANIS- Government says it is determined to empower women and other vulnerable groups in society economically so as to free them from the shackles of poverty.


Acting District Community Officer Esther Siyumbwa says Government has embarked on a number of initiatives aimed at providing livelihood to economically disadvantaged groups in the community.


Ms Siyumbwa says government has just completed distributing seed and fertilizer for the 2013/14 farming season to vulnerable but viable farmers who participate in wetland farming.


ZANIS reports that the Acting District Community Officer  said this in an interview in Choma District, today.


She added that some of those to beneficiaries of this government intervention were female headed, terminally ill-headed, and disabled-headed households.


Wetlands can be considered as “natural harvesters” or sites where water occurs at or close to the ground surface


Wetlands play a significant role in boosting food security. Throughout history, wetlands have played an important role in human development and many great civilizations