ZICTA urged to facilitate sim card registration in rural areas

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ZICTA urged to facilitate sim card registration in rural areas

Lusaka, July 12, ZANIS —Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Deputy Minister Panji Kaunda has asked the Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority (ZICTA) to direct the three local mobile telecommunications service providers to visit rural areas in the country and conduct mobile sim card registration.

This follows an appeal by Induna Matafeni in Chief Msoro’s area in Mambwe district who called for the three mobile phone service providers to carry out sim registration exercises in rural areas so that people’s cards are not blocked when the deadline comes.

Col. Kaunda noted that it would be difficult for rural dwellers to trek to nearby towns to register their sim cards because of transport constraints.

He said the mobile phone service providers should therefore take it upon themselves to move into rural areas to conduct sim registration there.

Col. Kaunda stated that ZICTA should come up with a programme that will encourage mobile phone service providers to conduct sim registration exercises in rural parts of the country so that no person will have their sim cards closed for failure to meet the deadline.

The deputy minister was speaking at a meeting in Kasamanda in Chief Msoro’s area yesterday when he explained the removal of fuel and maize subsidies.

Earlier, Induna Matafeni expressed worry that rural people’s failure to travel to nearby towns where they can have their sim cards registered may result in many having their cards blocked.

He said there were many people in the area who own phones in his area who would face a serious communication breakdown if their sim cards were blocked.

Induna Matafeni also urged government to work on deplorable roads in the chiefdom.

But Col. Kaunda assured the people that government was determined to ensure that their living conditions were uplifted.

He said President Michael Sata’s government means well for the Zambian people and that with their support, government will deliver to their expectations.