Katete DC commends govt. for initiating developmental projects

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—Katete District Commissioner Kaisa Kunda has praised government for initiating various developmental projects aimed at uplifting the living standards of people in the district.


Colonel Kunda explains that since assuming power in 2011, the Patriotic Front government has embarked on massive developmental projects in all sectors of the economy.


He told ZANIS in an interview that in the education sector the government was building four schools and renovating most schools in the district.


He said this was because the PF government realizes the important role that education plays towards enhancing national development and bettering the lives of people.


Col. Kunda said it was for this reason that the construction of the modern Kapoche Day secondary and renovations at Katete boarding schools will go a long way in addressing the some of the educational challenges.


He started that this is also in a bid to ensure that all Zambian children have a right to free and quality education.


Col. Kunda disclosed that many children in the district had been denied their right to education due to lack of enough classrooms at secondary level to accommodate the growing number of pupils qualifying to secondary school.


He said this had impacted negatively on the well being of most youths and contributed to the illiteracy levels in the district.


Meanwhile, the DC added that in a bid to promote good health, prevention of diseases and easy access to improved health care delivery, government was constructing health posts in various parts of the district.


Col. Kunda added that government is also committed towards addressing the high maternal mortality rate in the district and is constructing maternity wings in rural health centers.


He cited the construction of a health post at Lukweta and the building of maternity wings at Mng’omba, Kafumbwe and Chibolya as some of the major projects that have so far been completed and are operational.


He has since called on various stakeholders to support government and ensure that all the infrastructure developments in the district benefit the local people.