Govt. assures trade unions of new salaries

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Govt. assures trade unions of new salaries

Lusaka, July 10, ZANIS—Government has assured trade unions that it will not default on the agreed new salary scales for civil servants which will be effected in September this year.

Labour Deputy Minister Ronald Chitotela reiterated that government was committed to ensuring that civil servants get their new agreed salaries in September.

Mr. Chitotela thus dismissed assertions by some politicians suggesting that the country’s economy has collapsed.

ZANIS reports that the Deputy Minister said the assertions were unfounded and lacked substance as people behind the statements were merely seeking political mileage.

Mr. Chitotela added that people who were claiming that there was a budget overrun were not sincere and described the claims as political statements.

The Deputy Minister noted that the Patriotic Front (PF) government has gone a step further to demonstrate how the national budget is being executed by publishing expenditure reports in the daily tabloids.

He therefore implored critics to go through the published national budget expenditure.

Meanwhile, Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) Secretary General Roy Mwaba said civil servants are anxious to receive their long awaited new salaries in September 2013.

He called on government to stick to the agreed month for civil servants to pocket new salaries.

Mr. Mwaba said civil servants have always corporated with government and therefore it should not disappoint them on effecting new salaries.