MMD vows to campaign for its embattled Kafulafuta candidate Mwanawasa

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— Opposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) National Secretary, Chembe Nyangu, says his party will support its embattled candidate for the Kafulafuta by elections Evelyn Mwanawasa scheduled for 25th July this year.



Mr. Nyangu says as far as he was concerned Ms Mwanawasa was still his party’s candidate fir the forthcoming by- elections in Kafulafuta since her portrait was appearing on the ballot papers to be used during the exercise.



He  said since her name is already appearing on the ballot paper, the party will continue with its campaigns.




ZANIS reports that the opposition  party’s National Secretary said this  in a telephone interview in Lusaka today.


He added  that there was no need for the party to support another political party if MMD was also participating in the by elections.




‘’ We are still appearing on the ballot papers that would be used during the elections, so what is the point for us to support another political party,” he said.




Mr. Nyangu explained that much as he understands Evelyn Mwanawasa withdraw from the party after filling in her nominations, the popularity is not about an individual but the party.



“Most of the Members of Parliament (MPs) that you see in parliament, they were voted for because of the popularity of the parties they stood on in various constituencies,” said Mr. Nyangu.



Mr. Nyangu said since her name is already appearing on the ballot paper, the party will continue with its campaigns.



The opposition political party says it will continue with its campaigns in the Kafulafuta parliamentary by- election despite it candidate Evelyn Mwanawasa withdraw from the race.



Ms. Mwanawasa recently appealed to the opposition party to spare her from contesting the by-elections after she developed an illness which saw her admitted in Ndola Central Hospital.



However , the  Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has informed her that it was too late for her to withdraw.



‘’Please be advised that in accordance with section 33 of the electoral Act, a candidate can only withdraw their nomination for election before 15:00 hours on nomination day and not after the close of nomination,” read the letter from ECZ.




And Vice President Guy Scott has explained that a candidate cannot withdraw after filing- in of nominations.




Responding to queries over Ms Mwanawasa withdraw as candidate for MMD in Kafulafuta forthcoming by- election during Vice president question time in parliament on Friday, Mr. Scott said there was no provision in the electoral Act for one to withdraw after filing in.