Govt. pledges commitment to fight HIV/AIDS

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Govt. pledges commitment to fight HIV/AIDS

Namwala,  July 9th,  2013,  ZANIS  —  Government says that it  is committed to fight HIV/AIDS by providing  more Voluntary Counseling and Testing ( VCT ) services  to reduce HIV/AIDS infections in Zambia to Zero by the year 2030.



Namwala District Commissioner Gevar Nsanzya said it was the PF government’s goal to put in place more mitigation programmes against the pandemic achieve this goal.



Mr. Nsanzya  has  however bemoaned the low turnout in number of people going for VCT and has since appealed to people to take the issue of VCT seriously.



He said that knowing one’s HIV status is the entry point to accessing treatment, care and support.



Mr. Nsanzya said that the government under the leadership of  President Michael Sata has deliberately come up with HIV/AIDS work places programs in the country.



He added that these HIV/AIDS work place programs are meant to lighter the burden of HIV/AIDS victims at places of work to ensure that they remain healthy and productive.



He further said that the government is doing this by providing financial support to all line ministries and has since appealed to ministries in the district which have funds meant for mainstreaming HIV/AIDS programs use them for their intended purpose.



Mr. Nsanzya said that in Namwala District VCT services are provided in all health centers, in addition DATF has been encouraging HIV/AIDS stakeholders to undertake mobile VCT services.


He noted that a number of people have tested and have received their test results and congratulated those who have taken a step to undertake VCT.