Farmers in Siatembo area in Choma District urged to diversify

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Farmers in Siatembo area in Choma District urged to diversify

Choma, July 8th, 2013, ZANIS —-  MUSIKA Zambia managing director Reuben Banda has called on small scale farmers in Siatembo area in Choma to diversify into other small business ventures to improve their livelihoods.


Mr. Banda noted that the farmers have to engage into business ventures if they are to be financially independent and improve their quality of life.


He  was speaking during a training seminar of farmers and other people drawn from various sectors in entrepreneurship skills in chief Singani’s chiefdom over the weekend.


He challenged participants who attended the entrepreneurship seminar to set bench marks within a specified time frame aimed at growing their business projects that would consequently add value to the living standards.


Mr. Banda told the delegates that entrepreneurship calls for the capacity and willingness to organise, manage resources to develop a business venture and taking into consideration the risks in order to make profits.


He  added that an entrepreneur should be a person who pursues opportunities to create profit.


He stated that among the characteristics of entrepreneurship include: self discipline, time management, creativeness, risk taking, determination and hardworking.


Other are recording keeping, planning, financial management, organised personality, having a vision, tolerating failure and high levels of energy.


Mr. Banda explained that high levels of energy involves working very hard while tolerating failure includes knowing what lessons someone has learnt and knowing what went wrong when the business failed.


He was however quick to start that any business venture can register failure owing to the fact that there could be no commitment, poor financial control, no experience, bad strategy, and not separating the individual owner from the business.


Mr. Banda stated that a company should be a separate business entity from the owner to avoid failure in running a business entity.   

He called on the participants to ensure that they formalise their business by registering with PACRA, Zambia Revenue Authority, NAPSA and ZEMA if they are dealing in chemical products.


And speaking on behalf of his colleagues, Elijah Munga said the entrepreneurship seminar had come at the right time as participants were going to be self reliant once they engage in alternative livelihood ventures such as small businesses.


Mr. Munga called on other participants to make use of the various skills they would acquire from the entrepreneurship seminar if they are to improve their living standards.


The entrepreneurship was organised in a wake of the anticipated poor crop yields among some farmers and prepare them to come to terms with the impending short comings such as hunger.