More funds released for dip tanks constructions in Katuba

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Government through the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock has released funds to construct dip-tanks in Katuba constituency in Chibombo district.


MMD Katuba Member of Parliament Patrick Chikusu disclosed to ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today that government will construct more dip-tanks and rehabilitate the old ones.


Dr Chikusu who could not disclose how much monies government has released said cattle diseases in his area would now be the thing of the past.

Dr Chikusu who is also Health Deputy Minister, commended government for releasing the funds saying the building project would also provide job opportunities to the local people.


He observed that the population of cattle, goats, pigs and other domesticated animals in Chibombo district as a whole had been ‘wiped-out’ due to diseases such as Contagious Bovine Pleuro- Pneumonia (CBPP), blackfoot, foot and mouth among others.


He said the construction and rehabilitation of dip tanks in Chibombo district would encourage the small scale farmers to take their animals for dipping to rid the area from diseases.


The Katuba Legislator however, boasted that Katuba constituency produces one-third of the food basket produced in the entire Central province and that the province contributes the same quantity to the country’s food basket in terms of cattle production such as beef, milk, among other by-products.


Recently, Vice President Dr Guy Scott said there were more animals in Central, Eastern, Southern and Western provinces in the recent years but the previous UNIP and MMD regimes mis-handled the dipping of animals exercise.


The Vice President stated that the Patriotic Front government wants to approach and manage the dipping exercise in a different manner by recruiting more agriculture extension officers, making animal vaccines drugs available and constructing more dip tanks in all the chiefdoms in the country.