Hunger stalks Kapiri

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Hunger stalks Kapiri

Kapiri Mposhi, 4 July 2013, ZANIS – Hunger is looming in Lukanga Swamps in Kapiri Mposhi district.


ZANIS reports that Mukamumba Village Senior Village Headman, Snovias Chikabo confirmed the development in an interview, today .



Headman Chikabo said the hunger situation being experienced in the area has even forced most children to pull out of school.



He said the area was having food shortages due to acute crop failure experienced in the last farming season.



The headman said farmers in Lukanga Swamps experienced poor crop yields because of floods and poor rainfall experienced in the area last farming season.



The Senior Headman has since appealed to the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) to supply the people in the area with relief food to arrest the hunger situation.



“ We have a situation of hunger here some children have stopped going to school because of hunger government should help us before lives are lost from hunger,  “  he said.


He said 5 Kilogram of maize was going at K5.00 making which has made it hard for most families to afford to provide food for their households.

Lukanga Swamps is predominantly a fishing area and few people engage in agricultural activities.