Drunkened youths behind increased cattle rustling incidences in Mazabuka District

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Drunkened youths behind increased cattle rustling incidences in Mazabuka District 

Mazabuka,  July 4th, 2013, ZANIS —-  A civic leader in Mazabuka District says the increased cases of livestock thefts in his area emanates from alcohol and psycho-tropic substance abuse among young  people.


Chivuna Ward councilor, Stanlance Mweene says there is an increased number of youths in his area who are connected to cattle rustling after abusing alcohol.


Mr.  Mweene said his area has in the recent past recorded a spate of criminal activities such as thefts of livestock and house break ins among other crimes.


ZAN IS reports that the civic leader said this in an interview in Mazabuka today.

He said due to the high unemployment levels in the area , the youths always want to find money to drink alcohol by engaging themselves in stoke thefts , among other crimes.


Mr. Mweene attributed the substance and alcohol abuse among youths to the decay of their morals in society.


He said majority of young people in the ward prefer to lazing around abusing beer and drugs, thereby becoming a burden to their parents.


The councilor has since appealed to the youths  in the area to consider venturing into self employment ventures that will help them to get economically empowered as opposed to waiting for white collar jobs.


And Chibbwalu village headman Patson Maambo of the same area has observed that people have to walk long distances to fetch for water due to lack of sources of clean drinking water in the area.


Mr. Maambo said the only hand pump that the community depended on is damaged and people have resorted to drawing water from the few shallow wells which are also drying up and are also shared with livestock.

He has asked government to help drill a borehole so that they can also venture into gardening to reduce hunger.