Kawimba calls Kafulafuta electorate to vote for PF

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-Patriotic Front Secretary General, Wynter Kabimba, has called on people of Kafulafuta Constituency to remain united and vote for James Chishiba as their Member of Parliament in this month’s parliamentary by election.

Mr Kabimba warned thatif James Chishiba fails to win the seat, it will not be him but the party that will lose.

He said this during a mini rally to drum up support for Mr Chishiba who recently defected from the MMD to join the PF.

Mr Kabimba said the Patriotic Front and President Michael Sata’s desire is to develop and unite the country.

Earier, Patriotic Front Copperbelt chairperson, Robert Mwewa, appealed to government to declare Kafulafuta as a district due to its large size.

Mr Mwewa complained that it was difficult for the people of Kafulafuta to have access to services and implement certain developmental projects because the area was too vast.

He said  it would be easier for Kafulafuta to develop if it was declared as district so that it had its own resources for development programmes.