Police confiscate Kachasu in Kapiri

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—–Police in Kapiri Mposhi have confiscated over 300 litres of illicit local spirit popularly known as Kachasu.


The police have also managed to capture some dangerous criminals who have been on its wanted list in an operation conducted last night to rid the district of increased crime and disorderliness.


And assorted household goods, including entertainment units and kitchen utensils, believed to be proceeds of theft, have also been recovered from the three compounds during the same operation.


Central Province Police Commissioner, Standwell Lungu, confirmed the development to ZANIS today, saying the police conducted operations in Ndeke, Matilyo and Soweto compounds which are infamous for high criminal activities and harbouring of most criminals in Kapiri Mposhi district.


Mr Lungu said the police were prompted to conduct the operation, which is ongoing, by the increase in crime rates and assault cases being recorded in the district.


“We discovered that the high crime rate and assaults being experienced in Kapiri are being triggered by consumption of illicit beers in the three shanty compounds where most of the criminals on our wanted list stay… In this operation we also managed to capture some of these criminals that have eluded the police dragnet for a while now,” Mr Lungu said.


He said the operation was ongoing, adding that the police will not rest until sanity is restored in the three compounds.


Several illicit beer manufacturing utensils were also impounded.


Mr Lungu said those arrested for distilling the illicit spirit have been charged under the liquor licensing act and will appear in court soon.


He said the police also apprehended several people for drunken disorderly and were released upon paying admission of guilt.


“This operation is also aimed at curtailing the movement of people at awkward hours because this has a direct bearing on crime rates… We will also move to beer outlets operating beyond stipulated time of operation in line with the Liquor Licensing Act,” Mr Lungu said.