Bandits stage day-light robbery in Chibombo

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————–Four  armed bandits yesterday staged a daylight robbery and snatched KR7,500 from CHAT beer salesman, Albert Phiri, at Malambanyama in Chibombo district.

Chibombo District Commissioner, Felix Mang’wato, who confirmed to ZANIS at
Malambanyama a few minutes after the bandits staged their robbery, said this was the second robbery within two days in the same area and called on police to start patrolling the area.

Mr Mang’wato, who was coming from Chabu to handover two boats to the chief chitanda’s senior headman Shungu with his entourage, found people at Malambanyama standing shocked with what they saw.

Mr Mang’wato said the robbery was, however, quickly reported to Chibombo Police.

Albert Phiri, who is driver/salesman, narrated to ZANIS that after he sold the opaque beer at about 15:15hrs and started off back to Lusaka with his assistants, he saw a man in a
mask with an AK rifle advancing and ordering him to stop the truck registration number AOB 379.

Mr Phiri explained that as he was stopping the truck, two more people – one from each side of the road – also appeared with one wielding a pistol and the other holding sticks.

“I stopped the truck and this one with an AK 47 rifle, immediately came closer to my door and ordered me to give him the money or else he was going to shoot me. I gave him what I had but he demanded for more threatening to shoot if I refused, that is how I gave him KR7, 500,’ he explained.

Mr Phiri further said after the robbers got the money, they ordered him to drive back to Malambanyama, adding that at that time, a corolla car, grey in colour, also appeared from the bush which they used to speed away.

He further explained that before they sped off, the one with a pistol fired under the truck and ordered all the four on the truck to surrender their cellular phones which they went away with.
Mr Mang’wato expressed fear and concern that the area was not safe as two days ago, one of the maize buyers was attacked and all his money, about KR90, 000, snatched by the bandits.

He said the car was reported seen earlier in the morning at Chiyuni in chief Chitanda’s area yesterday but nobody suspected that the four could be bandits.

Mr Mang’wato said the bandits could be following up people who are buying maize in villages who are suspected to be moving with a lot of cash to buy the crop from farmers.

He advised all villagers engaged in any type of business to be careful and report any suspicious people to police.

He also emphasized the need for police to be patrolling regularly especially in villages to protect the people from loss of their little hard earned money from their crops.