Namwala chiefs advise cattle farmers not to worry over Zambeef saga

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———–Chiefs in Namwala District have appealed to cattle farmers in the district not to panic concerning the Zambeef scandal as the matter is being handled by higher government authorities.

The Chiefs held a briefing to discuss matters of cattle clearance between Namwala and other neighbouring districts to clump down cases of cattle rustling as Namwala District and Itezhi tezhi have the highest numbers of cattle in the country and cases of cattle rustling are rampant.

The traditional leaders included Chief Mukobela of Namwala, Chief Muchila of Namwala, a representative from Chief Mungaila and Chief Shimbizi of Itezhi tezhi.

Chief Mukobela said the government needs to help the traditional leaders to sensitize subjects that the said embalmed beef was alleged to be imported and not from Zambian suppliers.

He expressed concern that most cattle farmers supply cattle to Zambeef and Starbeef in Namwala and that Zambeef in Namwala offers the people employment and other confectionary services.

He said government has been doing a lot in trying to prevent cattle diseases in the district by rehabilitating dip tanks and provision of vaccines of cattle diseases.

The chief said movement of cattle in and out of the district needs to be properly handled so that cattle diseases should not be brought in the district.

And Chief Shimbizhi said the current clearance system of cattle has a lot of loopholes which need to be revised otherwise cases of cattle rustling will continue to increase.

Chief Shimbizi also advised Zambeef to continue buying cattle from local Zambian cattle farmers to avoid such allegations and other risks and also promote local farmers.

And Chief Mungaila ‘s Representative, Belling Mungaila, appealed to government to promote local cattle so that the beef industry grows in the district.