Kawambwa DC happy with progress on Luena Block

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Kawambwa DC happy with progress on Luena Block

Kawambwa, June 28, ZANIS……….. Kawambwa District Commissioner Ivor Mpasa has expressed happiness over the progress made in the demarcation of the Luena farm block in Kawambwa district.

Mr.  Mpasa disclosed that the process of demarcating the farm block into manageable farm plots which started last year will be completed by the end of next month.

He  appealed to the Rural Roads Unit to send machinery to start making roads in and out of the farm block before the rain season because once the demarcated farms are left without road formation, it will be a cost to government to re-do the demarcation exercise next year.

He said the survey department should also move in quickly to survey the farms and number them so that the hectarage per farm should be known and the number of farms too.

Mr. Mpasa added that even the investor for the sugar estate could only come in after the two important government departments have done their part because the demarcations are almost through.

He said he was grateful to government for being on time in the release of funds for the project which will carry about 110,000 hectares with 10,000 hectares for the investor for the Sugar plantation while the 100,000 will be available to the Zambian people.

Meanwhile, The DC said when allocating plots, the local people will be the first to be considered so that once they acquire a title deed to the farm, they could partner with any would be investor to develop their farm.

He disclosed that so far government has pumped in over K5billion from which a Toyota Land cruiser vehicle has been acquired specifically for Luena farm block activities and errands.

He said Milundu dam has already been done and feasibility studies have been done for the second dam as the farm block will need six dams to be used for the irrigation of sugar and other purposes by the farm owners.

He added that the dams will be used by the local people for vegetable gardening, aqua culture farming in addition to sugar irrigation.

Mpasa said he was sure that all the works will be completed by 2014 so that 2015 will be the year for practical work because in the past the Luena farm block project was just used as a political song for luring people to vote for the political candidates at campaign time but the scenario now was different because there was real action on the ground.

He added that 110,000 hectares, once developed, was a huge employment potential which will employ not only Kawambwa people but Zambians from other districts and provinces with the relevant skills for use in the farm block activities.

The DC said he was happy with the political will from Government towards the Luena Farm block Project development which will soon translate into tangible benefits for the Zambian people.