Stop harbouring illegal immigrants, Zambians told

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The Immigration Department has urged members of the public to stop keeping illegal immigrants in their homes because these were a threat to national security.


Immigration Department Director General Moola Milomo told ZANIS in Lusaka today that his department was putting in place measures of ensuring that all illegal immigrants were brought to book.


Mr. Milomo observed that it was undisputable that the rising number of crime is linked to illegal immigrants whose businesses were not clearly known.


He regretted that some Zambians were in a habit of only reporting matters of illegal immigrants in their community when their business deals with foreigners fail to work out.


He said this month, the department carried out a number of operations with the recent one being the one where 51 Ethiopian illegal immigrants were arrested in Kabwe.


Mr. Milomo further stated that last week on Friday, the department arrested eight Egyptians who were illegally staying in Bauleni compound in a one roomed house.


He appealed to patriotic Zambians to help the department to deal with the problem of illegal immigrants because on its own, it cannot manage to bring sanity in the country.


He added that there was need for the community to be involved by reporting any suspicious looking residents to relevant authorities.

Mr. Milomo expressed sadness that some Zambians were also supporting illegal immigrants by giving them jobs when they do not have documents that permit them to work in the country.


He said despite the SADC region supporting cross border trade, there was need to find ways of conducting businesses in a common place so that the security of the country is not infringed on.


He added that the department has plans to meet the Cross Border Association for the region to find ways of creating a trading avenue such as COMESA.


Mr. Milomo further stated that the department has since January this year managed to prosecute 213 cases of illegal immigrants involving human trafficking, which saw three vehicles being forfeited to the state.