Govt policy on wildlife conservation commended

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—-Two LionAid Limited trustees from the United Kingdom have commended government’s policy on wildlife conservation.


The trustees, Pieter Kat and Chris MacSween, said government’s policy to stop trophy hunting in the country will ensure preservation of wildlife for the benefit of Zambians.


In an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today the duo said preserving the country’s wildlife resources will score a lot of benefits not only for the country as a whole but for citizens as well.


They said protection of wildlife will also benefit the future generations of Zambia.


The trustees reiterated that they were impressed with government’s stance and pledged continued support towards efforts aimed at conserving wildlife in the country.


Dr Kat and Ms Macsween said with improved wildlife the country stands to benefit a lot in terms of tourism and national heritage.


“We have a popular saying that if you shoot a lion with a gun you do it once, but shoot it with a camera you do it a million times,” they said.


Meanwhile, Lusenga Wildlife Trust trustee, Emmanuel Tembo, has called on government to emulate Kenya and ban all forms of hunting in the country.

Mr Tembo said this will go a long way in improving the wildlife population in the country which has in recent times dwindled.


LionAid is a UK charity organization committed to addressing the decline in populations of lions in Africa.


LionAid Zambia has since partnered with the Lusenga Wildlife Trust of Zambia to increase awareness and champion a campaign against trophy hunting in Zambia.