COMESA challenged to intervene in regional energy constraints

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-A governance activist has called on the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA)’s intervention in addressing the energy constraints facing the region.

Maurice Malambo says the on-going debate in Zambia over the removal of subsidies on petroleum and agro products is a reflection of energy scarcity and high costs not only common to Zambia but the entire region.


Mr Malambo noted that energy related challenges are a global phenomenon with African countries falling victim due to socio–economic inequalities, hence the need for COMESA to fully explore its principle of market initiatives.


He told ZANIS today that COMESA is well positioned to have a deliberate focus on matters relating to shaping the market supply, demand and prices of finished products in the region.


He further emphasized the need to generate common solutions to common problems in the region and the continent at large as a means of dealing with actual market costs in the energy sector.