UNZA bursaries not awarded by UNZA

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lass=”f”>Zambia Daily Mail by Online Editor on 6/22/13

Dear editor,
WE WOULD like to correct the wrong information given to the public by Kenneth Chimese in his column Chatting Education. Mr Chimese’s column is very good and informative. However, his article on Making things right at higher institutions of learning of Sunday June 16, 2013 had wrong information on the award of bursaries to students.
He stated that the University of Zambia “…admits students and recommends for the award of bursaries to students who could pay for themselves all fees that were required of them while at secondary school.”  The fact is that the University of Zambia does not recommend students for the award of bursaries offered by the Bursaries Committee. When candidates are accepted to study at our institution, our role ends at issuing acceptance letters to all admitted candidates.
We do not play any role in the award of bursaries. Getting a bursary is the onus of an accepted candidate, who may get it from the Bursaries Committee or any other organisation. We are sure that if the author had contacted us, we would have given him the correct information. We are also positive that the Bursaries Committee would have explained to him the procedure in the award of bursaries in public universities.
UNZA Public Relations Office,