New Chisamba district takes shape

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New Chisamba district takes shape
Kabwe, Jun 21/13
——Twenty-five civil servants have been appointed to take up duties in the 17 departments in the newly-created district of Chisamba.

Chisamba District Commissioner, Ferdinard Chipindi, revealed to ZANIS in an interview yesterday that the officers, who are already on payroll, have been appointed by their provincial heads to take up the responsibilities at Chisamba district and have started reporting for duty.

Mr Chipindi said those that have already reported for duties were District Agricultural Coordinating Officer (DACO), District Medical Officer (DMO), Community Development Officer, and District Education Board Secretary (DEBS) among others.

He said the officers will temporarily operate from the secured Food Reserve Agency, FRA, and Zambia Railways building until the construction of the new administration centre at the new site which was offered to government by Chief Chamuka for the establishment
of the new district.

Mr Chipindi said the developments at the district were moving so fast that in a short time, it already had government departments, the establishment of council structures, with Council Secretary (CS) Council Treasurer, and district council chamber to mention but a few.

He further said once government avails resources, the construction of the new district will commence at the new site about 25 kilometres from the old Boma where the chief has given the government over 320 hectors of land for the establishment for of the new Chisamba district.

He said he was grateful to the traditional leader who offered traditional land for the expansion of the district, adding that the current Boma was surrounded by farmers and was water-logged, making it difficult to expand.

Chief Chamuka of the Lenje speaking people in Central Province, who shares the largest area of the new Chisamba district, described president Michael Sata as a father without segregation due to the number of districts he has created countrywide to foster development.

He told ZANIS at his palace that as a way of appreciating government’s consideration of pronouncing Chisamba as a district, his royal council decided to allocate over 320 hectors of land for free to enhance district development.

The traditional leader said his people’s understanding was that  social services would now be brought closer to them because in the past they used to go with difficulties to Chibombo, far from their villages, for administrative services.

Chief Chamuka said he was now looking forwards economic development, employment opportunities for his people, more markets to be opened which will attract development and that his area was going to be linked with other projects such as link Zambia 8000.

He further said his chiefdom was still willing to offer more land for other developmental projects like good roads, and health institutions in the area which are likely to come through the government removal of the subsidies on fuel and maize.

And in a separate interview, Zesco Assistant Customer Officer, Vincent
Malisawa, said the corporation was already positioned for the coming of
the new district, and that the company was eager to see Chisamba grow.

Chisamba is among the four newly created districts in central province, others being Luano, Chitambo and Ngabwe.