Bryan’s ‘Volcano’ at Zzee’s Pub ‘n’ Grill

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Bryan of the Volcano distinction
Bryan of the Volcano distinction

AFTER a seemingly long hiatus, Zzee’s Pub and Grill, located near Lusaka’s Intercity Bus Terminus, last Saturday played host to a musical show, which saw Bryan of the Volcano distinction entertain the fans.
Yes, these are the same fans, who earlier in the day were left disappointed with the outcome of the World Cup qualifying match between the national soccer team and Sudan at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium in Ndola.
Just as well, they did not travel to Ndola; had they done so, they would have endured an agonising trip back home.
But even more, they would have missed a truly entertaining show by Bryan. For some time, Zzee’s, which has hosted the likes of Mumba Yachi, Mwembe Muntu, Cray Jay, Macky II, Adora, Indie K and Mozegeta, has not had a show.
The hosting of Bryan was, therefore, a huge relief for the faithful patrons.
And as is normally the case with Zzee’s, the show started on time, around 19:00 hours as against the practice in many entertainment spots, where management will deliberately tell the artiste to delay going on stage in order for them to maximise on alcohol sales.
But not with Zzee’s proprietor Willis Magasi, who also showed his dancing skills during the show. For Bryan, who debuted with the album Breakthrough under Runnel’s Showdown Studios, he has indeed come of age.
Yes, there were those comparisons with Runnel when he just started out with some fans mistakenly thinking he was the younger brother.
But Bryan is his own man! A volcano, just like the title of his second album, Volcano!
In fact, that is the first song he performed when he went on stage before moving to other popular songs such as Lyonse Nganakumona, Shock Absorber, Nganalikombweke and Ukabebe Alanfiling’a.
After those songs, Bryan, who performed until around midnight, which is the time most musicians in his category go on stage despite having announced that the show would start at 20:00 hours, he came to new songs from his forthcoming album, playing songs such as Independent Woman and Aiyelele, which features Dalisoul.
Before Bryan went on stage, Malawian musicians Brown Spade sampled his new track Shake Your Body before performing old schools like Ndipatse Mutima and Crazy.