Parents keep daughter captive for ten years

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—Police in Mpika District of Muchinga Province have unearthed a scam where a 29-year-old woman of Chisesa village has been held captive for ten years by her own biological parents.

Mulenga Mwila, 79, and Eniah Mwila, 69, have been keeping their eighth born daughter in the house for more than 10 years, a situation which has raised concerns from both the community and other family members.

The incident was confirmed by both Mpika District Commissioner, Moses Katebe, and police officer in charge for Mpika, Kennedy Langeni.

Maloba Mwila was found by one of the relatives, Daniel Lwendo, who went in into the house incognito and found his sister in a tiny room lying under the bed without any linen while her hand was tied to the bed leg.

Daniel later went to report the matter to other relatives within the village who advised him to report the matter to the District Commissioner so that both parents could be arrested.

According to the area Councillor, Kelly Nsofwa,   Maloba went missing 10 years ago and parents told the concerned people and other relatives that their daughter was taken to the copperbelt by her auntie so that she could be sponsored to college.

Mr Nsofwa explained that he had been receiving some tips from the community members that Maloba Mwila had been detained in the house by her parents who kept on refusing and accusing the village headman that he was inciting the community to rise against him on allegations that he was a wizard.

Police, together with the District Commissioner, rushed to Kabinga and
went straight into the house and found the woman who went missing at
the age of 15 years.

Mr and Mrs Mwila were taken together with their sick daughter to Mpika District Hospital where she has been admitted.

And in an exclusive interview, father of the insane daughter told ZANIS that the daughter became insane in 2007 and was very violent hence he decided to keep her away from the general public.

However, according hospital authorities, Maloba has been referred to Kasama General Hospital Psychiatric Evaluations as she is being suspected of being psychosis.

Maloba’s insanity has brought about a lot of mixed feelings from the community members who are suspecting rituals and demanded that the law take its effect and called on government to punish parents who are in a habit of abusing their own children.

In the same development, the Human Rights Commission has demanded the immediate arrest of the parents who held their own biological daughter captive for ten years.

Human Rights Commission Coordinator for Northern and Muchinga Provinces, Kebby Malila, told ZANIS in a telephone interview that parents had no right to keep their own child in the house even if the daughter is insane.

Mr Malila explained that the justification that parents have given of preventing the insane lady from the general public because of being violent was not enough, adding that the violent condition would have helped them to quickly take Maloba to the hospital.

Mr Malila said his commission has developed interest in the case and will this week visit Chisesa village of Kabinga to investigate the matter and once the truth is established, the Human Rights will take the parents to court for force imprisonment.

But when contacted for a comment, Mpika police officer in charge, Kennedy Langeni, said the police have found it difficult to arrest the parents of the girl because the matter is complicated and may be difficult to prove in court.

The officer in charge told ZANIS that no statement was recorded from Daniel Lwando to stand as a witness as he has been treated as an informer.

Mr Langeni said cases to do with rituals are difficult to prove in court because there is no law that talks about witchcraft and the punishment.

The officer in charge has since appealed to human rights activists to help Maloba Mwila so that she can recover quickly.

Yesterday, scores of women in Mpika district harassed the mother of Maloba whom they described as a heartless mother.

The irate women almost pounced on Eniah Mwila, 69, for neglecting her own daughter to such an extent for ten years but she was rescued by hospital authorities.

Last week police in Mpika unearthed a scam involving a couple that has held a 29 year old daughter captive for ten years.

Mulenga Mwila, 79, and Eniah Mwila, 69, were picked up together with their insane daughter by the police after a tip off from one of the relatives through the District Commissioner.

Maloba is still at Mpika District Hospital awaiting transport to take her to Kasama General Hospital for psychiatric evaluations.