Chiengi farmers, fishermen bury money in ground for safe keeping

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FARMERS and fishermen in Chiengi in Luapula Province are forced to bury their money due to lack of banking facilities in the area, district commissioner Joseph Chisakula has said.
Mr Chisakula said in an interview from Chiengi yesterday that it is unfortunate that farmers and fishermen bury their money for safe-keeping because the area does not have a bank.
“We don’t have a bank in Chiengi and some people are forced to bank their money in a traditional way by burying it in the ground.
“This is not safe. others are forced to travel long distances to Nchelenge and Kawambwa to access banking facilities,” Mr Chisakula said.
He called on financial institutions to consider opening up branches in Chiengi.
Mr Chisakula said people in rural areas should not be denied access to banking facilities.
“Once a bank is opened in Chiengi, investors will be able to invest in the district,” Mr Chisakula said.
He also said it is difficult for people to develop a culture of saving when they do not have access to banking facilities.
Mr Chisakula called on investors to consider investing in the energy sector in Chiengi.
He said Chiengi does not have a filling station and this is hampering development in the district.
Mr Chisakula also said the tarring of the Kashikishi-Luchinda road will start soon and that the road will help to boost development in Chiengi.
Mr Chisakula also urged Zesco to ensure stability in the supply of electricity to Chiengi.
“We usually have low voltage and this is scaring away potential investors,” he said.