Road redesigning caused delays in Kabwe township road works-Kosamu

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-Central Province Minister Philip Kosamu has reiterated government’s commitment to providing a good road network that will spur development in Kabwe district.


Mr. Kosamu told ZANIS in a telephone interview in Lusaka today that Kabwe township road works which had stalled, have now resumed.


He explained that the slow pace of road works in Kabwe was as a result of the community rejecting the first design of the roads that the consultant presented.


He said this forced the consultant to redesign the road network.


The provincial minister said the new design was last week approved by the Road Development Agency and all stakeholders in the project.


Mr. Kosamu said the road works, which were expected to cost government about KR 155 million, are expected to finish in one year and some months.


The minister hoped that the RDA will extend the project period so that the contractor does a good job.


He further said people should not blame the contractor for the slow pace at which the project has been progressing.


He expressed confidence in the Zambian contractor, Asphalt, who has been contracted to work on the 34 kilometres of the selected urban roads in Kabwe and Kapiri Mposhi districts in Central province.


Meanwhile, Mr. Kosamu has said the removal of fuel and maize subsidies was one move that would help government develop the country equitability.


He said children and women walk long distances in order to access education or health facilities in some parts of the country.


Mr. Kosamu said this is the situation which government would want to change by spreading development to all parts of the country.


He said the money saved from the fuel and maize subsidies will now help government offer such amenities equally in all parts of the country.


He noted that there was no government that would wish its people to suffer hence the PF government decided to remove the maize and fuel subsides in order to channel the saved monies to developmental areas.