Govt still gives FISP – Choma DC

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—Choma District Commissioner, Golden Nyambe, has assured farmers in the district that government has not done away with the Farmer Input Support Programme(FISP).

Mr Nyambe says government has made improvements to the Farmer Input Support Programme and that the E-voucher system has been introduced to ensure that only intended beneficiaries are reached.

Mr Nyambe told ZANIS in Choma that the district will this year expect to receive 58,930 by 50 kg of urea and 58,930 by 50 kg of compound D fertilizers which will benefit 29,465 farmers.

He has dispelled assertions that government has scrapped the FISP, saying government is actually on course and that by September all farmers will have the inputs.

He urged farmers in the district not to despair because a lot of changes have been made with the introduction of the E-voucher system which will benefit the intended target.

The DC said because government is targeting small scale farmers and not commercial farmers, the introduction of the E- voucher system will be more effective.

Mr Nyambe said the District Agricultural Coordinator (DACO) with his team are on the ground sensitizing small scale farmers in their Agricultural camps on how the E- voucher system works and how they will access the inputs using the new system.